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How to Pay It Forward

Learn how to pay it forward from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


I would say that paying it forward is really common in action its its putting out there what it most like to receive back. I think that there are lots of fun ways that you could pay it forward and I think that paying it forward makes life a lot more enjoyable. A whether that means living the server or restaurant you know a big tip because you know its going to make their day and that there will be much better to the table after you to paying the toll for somebody who is behind you which you can do if you don't have any pals like me, so I'm the one who face the tolls for the people behind me buts its also a an emotional generosity its its helping someone, its loving someone, its its caring enough to hear how somebody is there is going, taking a time to give somebody I contacted, give somebody a smile you know a every single person that you interact with. I would encourage you to think about how your you could make their day better just because you were a part of it. What something that you could do to bring a simile on to somebody's face. Thinking like that and than taking action were really you know feel your calm bucket of with lots of good stuff that you could catch in it on a future.

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