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What's the Truth Regarding The Secret?

Learn the truth about the bestselling book The Secret from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


The Secret is a spiritual documentary that really introduced the law of attraction into the mainstream society. I mean we had Oprah talking about the law of attraction and how it impacts our lives. The law of attraction states that like attracts like so thinking good thoughts will bring good things to you, thinking bad thoughts will bring bad things to you. The Secret was a very powerful piece of literature in that it allowed the everyday spiritual seeker a language and a platform to talk about their experiences with attraction. But the problem with The Secret is that it only focused on the law of attraction and it made many people actually very frustrated because they were sitting at home, thinking their positive thoughts and literally waiting for the person of their dreams to drive up to their house and car of their dreams to drive them away to the life of their dreams that was waiting for them. The problem with The secret and the truth about The Secret is that the law of attraction is only a one piece of the puzzle. The law of attraction is not considere that you need to take action and that then you need to trust in the timing of things because it's only a matter of time before what you want comes to you. So it was a great piece of information but it's a starting point and now we need to take that information further; it's definitely time for a follow up documentary were we could speak about the importance of taking action and of being patient and and trusting and waiting for what we want to come about.

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