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How to Visualize Success

Learn how to visualize success from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


Visualization is something that has become more popular as a result of The Secret in our awareness of the law of attraction that we really need to have a clear picture in our minds of what we want. Now lucky for all of us our minds thinks in terms of pictures. So as someone who is looking to visualize you have to give those pictures to your minds. Where most people get visualization wrong is that they keep it on a very mental level. For visualization to work you need to know what you want and it really needs to be something that you want; it's not going to work if it's something that somebody else wants for you or if it's pressure coming from somebody else. You need to know what you want and than you need to get a clear picture of that in your mind. Now I encourage you to take a step further and to make it more real, so when you are thinking of your dream beach house you have to smell the sands and you have to smell the ocean and you have to hear the seagulls and you have to really picture that view. You have to incorporate all of your senses you know the fresh fruit that you'll be eating on the the balcony whatever it is you have to really make it real. The other thing about visualizing is that it requires a consistent practice, you know visualizing something once is weak but visualizing it to the point where your mind doesn't know the difference between the picture that you have created or the reality that you are experiencing is when you manifest what you want. So get your vision, make it really clear, make it really real and give yourself permission to spend a few minutes every single day in this activity. I also recommend that you do your visualization exercises at the same time every single day to build a consistency and a momentum and don't be afraid to dream really big.

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