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How to Overcome Laziness

Learn how to overcome laziness from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


There is definitely a difference between a lazy day which everybody should be able to enjoy and a lazy lifestyle. You know when we are talking laziness it's having the ability to do something and not doing it. And the concern with laziness is that oftentimes the things that people are lazy about they can't afford to be lazy about. Our society breeds laziness because we really push ourselves to be accessible and available and on and we were in this very competitive mindset and so I think that a lot of us are confused about the difference between just being plain out exhausted with everything that we need to do and just wanting to check out and actually being lazy. So what I've found when working with clients who are lazy is that there is usually some kind of fear that motivates somebody from taking action. And so when we get to the fear of what's causing that laziness oftentimes we're able to overcome it. Let's say someone has a health condition and they can go to the doctor but they don't go to the doctor; they have health insurance and they have a transportation and they have a license or they have a loved one who is willing to drive them. And instead of making the appointment and following through with the appointment they choose to sit at home and watch reality television all day. Now on the surface we can look at that and say well that's really lazy behavior and it's true. But underneath it what I've found is that there is a fear that going to the doctor could result in a diagnosis or going to the doctor could result in a lifestyle change that they are not ready for. So I look at laziness as more of an avoidance than anything else. I find it to be very unproductive and anytime I am working with a client who is lazy which is rare because a lazy client is typically not motivated to reach out to a coach to get help, we look for the underlying cause.

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