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How to Build a Strong Female Network

Learn how women can build a strong female network from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


The female brain is hard wired for relationship.As women, we need female friendships.It is the way we wear designs.One of the most under utilized resources available to us.Female brain is a co-operative brain.It is a collaborative brain.We are men-zed to work together to help each other to get where we need to go. It is my opinion that, women really joining the workforce and needing to be the super mom and the super wife and the super career women and the super home maker.And the super porn star in the bedroom.You know, there is the isolation that happens.Instead of being our natural stay, which to work together and to help each other to achieve our goals collectively.We become competitive the way that male brain is wired.So, that the first thing you need to understand is that you are not alone. As a women, you are naturally being kind to have strong and supportive to females and your life. The next step is creating the time and the space in your life for that too happen.I know, for me one of the rewarding experience is has been being an all female group therapy dynamic that really aloud us to talk our thoughts, our feelings, our experiences and to receive that level of validation. You know, that something that worked for me.Because it is my schedule, it allowed me to set time and place.And it was a commitment that I was able to make confidence.If you are a mom then join our Mommy & Me group.You know, you are a single women.Go take a dance class.Because anyone could be your connection to that one.It is about putting yourself in an environment where you well connect with other woman and remembering that our natural state is to help each other out, not to compete with each other.

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