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How to Create Closure

Learn how to create closure from life coach Stephanie Florman in this Howcast video.


Closure is about the successful ending of a relationship. All to often we put closure on somebody else. We want somebody else to do something or say something so that we can move on. And all that really does is keep us stuck. So, creating closure is important for you to move forward. And so, instead of focusing on the other person, it's turning the focus within and saying, what do I need do to move forward from this situation.

I think that most of us, given the opportunity, no matter what the situation is, feel a sense of resolve if there is closure. But our problem is that we put the closure on the person or the situation instead of ourselves. You know, we do not have any control over how other people act or react to our choices. So, if we choose to end a relationship with someone and they don't like it, they may not give us the opportunity to speak with them. Or if we leave a job because we have a better opportunity elsewhere, the person we left may not give us the opportunity to walk away on good terms.

That's where you need to know that you said and did everything you could to make the relationship work. And at the end of the day it's about integrity. I mean, you wake up to yourself in the morning. You go to sleep with yourself at night no matter who you're sharing that bed with. And if you could look in the mirror and look yourself in the eye and know that you did everything that you could, you are well on your way to experiencing that peace that you deserve.

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