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How to Be a Better You with Stephanie Florman

Learn about Stephanie Florman, one of Howcast's life coaching experts, in this video.


Hello, my name is Stephanie Florman. I'm a professional coach and a relationship expert who is really passionate about keeping the work fun, keeping it real and keeping it relevant. Now I got into this work because I have always struggled in my relationships. I've struggled in my personal relationships and I've struggled in my relationship with myself. So as a student of life and a lover of school, I've done my share of studying and I've also done my share of practicing. I've had a private practice. I have worked as a college professor. I have worked as a business consultant. I've worked as a lifestyle contributor and I've worked as a trainer. And people who enjoy working with me really find that they're looking to move forward in their life. They want someone who is doing the work on themselves. You know, and I'm the first person to admit that I go sit on a therapy couch once a week, that I have a call with my coach, you know, once every other week, and I do that to really show up. I think the biggest thing that I would want you to know about me and the work that I do, is that it's all about integrity. I would never, ever ask something of anybody that I'm working with, that I wouldn't ask of myself. I would never hold you to a different standard than I hold myself. And so why I'm so grateful to do the work I do, why I am so passionate about it, is because it keeps me in integrity in my personal life. It forces me to work on the area of my life that has been the most hard, which is relationships. So, I hope that you'll enjoy my website, that you'll spend a little time there, that you'll see all the services and products that I offer, and I look forward to the opportunity of hearing from you in the future.

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