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How to Set Up a Skateboard

Learn how to set up a skateboard from SHUT Skateboards's Michael A. Cohen in this Howcast video.


Hey, what's up guys. Real quick, I just want to go over some helpful hints while you're out there and just before you get out there for skating. Right before you leave the house, for all you young guys, a helmet, otherwise, older guys its up to you. One thing I really can't stress enough is checking your hardware. Spin the wheels, make sure everything is working before you leave the house. I check my, the hard, the stiffness of my trucks real quick, make sure I have all my final tightening down. The best bet is, if your with a group of kids, it doesn't matter, you get split up, one guy has a tool, you don't have a tool, you're going to be hurting without.

So, I really highly recommend skating with the tool, it does everything. It basically, every piece of hardware is accommodated on this thing: Allan key, you also have your Phillips head, so at any time you can check your hardware, tighten it. Another tip that I highly recommend is, I skate with a couple parts in my pocket at all time. Your bearings can seize up. ts really easy to get your bearings on and off by using the truck axle. So, it is easy to change. Bearings will spin smoothly when they are working properly. On your wheels, sometimes this is a seized bearing. Sometimes bearings just lock up and don't spin anymore.

This one here is seized, so you would have to throw it out and replace it with a new, so it is good. I highly recommend maybe one to three spare bearings when out there skating so you don't get caught up. Other things that you want to keep in the bag is a couple of screws and nuts. Like I said, you're going to always check to make sure your threads are showing and the hardware does have a lock-tight system on it, but when you do tighten and loosen, you will wear out your lock-tight and its something that I definitely recommend if you've loosened and untightened a lot to carry some extras with you at all times. You just never know. And the other thing I highly recommend is always having your tool with you. It is essential for the skater skate with the tool.

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