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4 Facts about Rodney Smith Skate Shoes for Vans

Learn about the line of shoes that SHUT Skates' Rodney Smith designed for Vans from Michael A. Cohen in this Howcast skateboard video.


The two shoes that we've selected to show here just happening today. My boss, Rodney Smith, who I'm a huge fan of, one of my favorite skaters from back in the 80's.

Rodney started Shut in the 80's, started Zoo York in the 90's. Brought Shut back again in 2006. He has been a huge voice, and a very huge impact on East coast skating and skateboarding globally. And Vans came to him about a year ago and asked him to design a couple of shoes for them. Not only did they ask him to design a couple of Vans for them, they asked him to design the syndicate line.

The syndicate line is one of Vans newer lines. It's a higher end, more limited edition. They don't have that many accounts. They're not sold at every skate shop. But they are sold to a lot of the more core, or independent, skate shops that have been doing this for a long time.This was a great project for Rodney. For him to showcase his skills as far as design and concept into a skate shoe.

Ever since I've known Rodney, he has never ran anything stock. Anything he's gotten is rebuilt to his specifications. I think this is the first shoe that he's ever worn straight out of the box because it is all his specifications. And I've skated in both of these and there is no better skate shoe out there than this one right here.

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