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How to Pick Skateboard Bearings

Learn about skateboard bearings and how to use them to customize your skateboard from SHUT Skateboards' Michael A. Cohen in this Howcast video.


Hey, what's up, guys? We're here to talk about bearings real quick. I got a Reds standard bearing here. All bearings are pretty much standard in the skateboard world. Anytime you get a complete, or anytime you buy a complete set of bearings, they will be standard.

Their options range in price as far as quality goes, but we carry, and we've been skating for a long time now, is the Reds from Bones. Bones also makes the Swiss and Swiss ceramic, a very high-end bearing, a bearing more for someone who definitely takes care of their things and doesn't ride their board in the rain, sand, dirt, or dust.

More of your older skaters will flock towards the most expensive bearing. Most of your kids will run an inexpensive bearing because they're going to be going through them a lot faster and not doing the maintenance on them. So, if you're not planning to do maintenance on them, I highly recommend not buying the expensive ones.

Bearings are really simple. They are popped into the wheel. There's 8 of them, 2 on either side of the wheel. They slide easily onto an axle. Like I said, all standard. So, pretty much all you need to know when buying bearings is that they're pretty much standard.

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