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How to Use Skateboard Mounting Hardware

Learn about skateboard mounting hardware from SHUT Skateboards' Michael A. Cohen in this Howcast video.


What up guys? We're here to discuss mounting hardware. Mounting hardware's pretty standard for skate. You have pretty much two different options as far as what tool you're going to use to apply. You have a Philips screw or you have an Allen key screw. Either/or as far as the tools go. A lot of companies are making the Allen key and the Philips head on the same device.

I recommend the Philips, just because if you're out and about, the most commonly known in America is the Philips. Skateboard hardware I highly recommend buying at a skate shop as opposed to a hardware store. I do believe that it was made special. I was told a long time ago that it was like some NASA parts that they got the idea or concept from so it is stronger than regular hardware that you find out there. There's other options too as far as the length that you're going to need. So you have one inch, seven eighths, one in one eighth, one in a quarter, one in a half to two inch bolts. The reason why they do make so any variations and sizes for mounting hardware is that sometimes you'll use a riser and when using a riser, you talk about for a wheel bike you would have to compensate for the bolt so if you use a quarter inch riser, you're going to use a one and an inch quarter. If you're not using a riser at all, the standard is the one inch size. The one inch size is perfect for more trucks out there.

Seven ply skateboard, a sheeted grip and enough threads to be showing. When applying it, you want to make sure that you do have two or three threads showing through the top to let you know that your nut is completely on the bolt. Also, when you do have the nut, they do have a lock tight built in. Lock tight is a little bit of a glue urethane action here from when you put the screw on for the first time, the nut onto the screw, it will lock onto it with the lock tight. One trick that I will have to let you know is the more you take it apart and put it back together, you will wear out your lock tight so do keep an eye on your hardware every time before you go out and skate and make sure that all your threads are showing and that your nuts and bolts are tight.

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