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How to Mount Skateboard Wheels with a Bearing Press

Learn how to mount skateboard wheels from SHUT Skateboards' Michael A. Cohen in this Howcast video, part one of two.


Hey. What's up guys? We're here to mount a skateboard wheel onto your board. we've already got through the first three. I'm going to go ahead and show you the last one here. You're going to use to bearings per wheel. And this here is a bearing press. Most skate shops use these. You're putting wheels in and out all day long. It definitely saves your hands, and it's just a really simple tool to apply the bearings safely on the wheel. Go ahead and the red shield is on the outside. Then you're going to apply your wheel. It doesn't matter which side. Put that on. Then go ahead and put, again, another bearing with the shield on the outside. Drop that in, as simple as this. And it's done.

And take the axle nut off. It also comes with two washers. One washer's going to stay against the hanger. the other washer's going to go on top. Also, graphic in or out doesn't matter on a some of these, this street style wheel. Go ahead and put your washer back on and then put the nut on. Now when tightening it, you want to go a full hand tightening, and once you have felt that you've touched the bearing, you will hear a little kind of crushing noise. That crushing noise is the urethane getting just a little pushed on. You want to stop at that point. You'll notice that your wheel is tight so you can't really spin it too much. You're going to want to loosen it to touch until you get that wheel to spin again. And you're going to have about, I would say a half a thread of play there. And you're able to spin the wheel.

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