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How to Mount Skateboard Wheels without a Bearing Press

Learn how to mount skateboard wheels from SHUT Skateboards' Michael A. Cohen in this Howcast video, part two of two.


I'm going to go ahead and show you guys how to do this same exact process without the bearing press just in case you don't have a bearing press at home.

To take off your bearings is really simple. On the bearing press it has a tool that does it for you, but on here what you use is the axle nut. I recommend putting your finger right up to here, your thumb, putting the wheel on. What you want is the bearing to be flush with the top of the axle so you don't do any damage to the bearing or pull on only part of the bearing.

Once again, thumb to the top enough to allow for the bearing. Once it's on there just go ahead and grab a hold of your wheel, and on angle pull away. OK. It's a simple move, and it should pop out really simple. Again, it's just pulling away. Try not to pull towards you because sometimes it can snap and punch you in the chest.

To get them on, again, shields down. The shields are going to be on the outside. Take the wheel in your hand, and by holding the outside of the wheel you'll see the axle showing. Go ahead and push down. There's your bearing press on the go.

Once again, you have the shield on the outside, and you can just push down and your wheels are on. Go ahead again and put the washer in. Then your axle nut. Hand tighten. Remember, again, to not crush your bearings, so don't tighten it too much. Then loosen so that it can spin. And you're ready to roll.

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