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How to Mount a Skateboard Truck

Learn how to mount a skateboard truck from SHUT Skateboards' Michael A. Cohen in this Howcast video.


Look guys, we're here to mount our trucks onto the skateboard. What we have here, we already picked out the size deck that we wanted, and we've accommodated the right sized truck for it. We're going with a independent, these are the 129's, this one fits perfectly and these come in all different sizes, widths and even heights.

This one here, fixed this one perfectly and we're also are going to use one inch mounting hardware and we have four screws and four nuts. There are four hold options here, we're going to use all four hole options, I highly recommend, it came with four, you’re using all four... The board is already pre-gripped as well as holes are poked through, we used the actual screw pushing through the bottom to pop through for the hole for the hole.

Once I have all the holes popped, I'll go ahead and place four screws in four holes like so. And bring it back this way here. I have my truck, what I'm going to do is line up the bottom two and then just follow the rest. You might have to push a couple through the other way, go ahead and just start hand-screwing the nut onto your bolts. Make sure that you do get this on right the first time and continue to put the rest on with your hands is the fastest and easiest way to get it started and then we'll finish it with a Phillips head tool and a skate tool.

A skate tool has everything on it as far as all your mounting hardware goes. It will accommodate the mounting hardware here, it will also tighten your nuts for your axles and will also do the king pin. So have all three, this particular one also came with the tool that had an Allen key and a Phillips head at the top. I prefer to use my own one with a handle, just because it saves your hands a bit. So go ahead and start to hand tighten all around so it should be pretty quick.

Go ahead, like I said, it's gonna be a hand tighten, and then at the end we're gonna finish it off so we're gonna do all four. It's pretty quick, make sure the threads are showing at the end is, I'm gonna go super hard tightening for all four. Once I've done the flat, this way it puts it, the truck evenly on the wood. So now I'm gonna go back and just do one more hand tightening all the way. I want the bolt to kind of recess itself into the board slightly. So it's a nice hand tighten there.

For all you little guys out there, maybe have a neighbor or a strong guys to help you crank down on it for that very last turn. And this is something I know you kids don't do it but yours should, is check your hardware every day. Especially before you go out and skate. Make sure all the bolts are on, make sure everything's tight and that way don't get hurt out there jumping all those stairs.

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