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How to Clean Skateboard Bearings

Learn how to clean skateboard bearings from SHUT Skateboards' Michael A. Cohen in this Howcast video.


What's up guys? We're here checking on our bearings to see if we need to clean them, and if we do, we're going to do a quick one here.

Your bearings will come with a little bit of oil or grease already in the bearing. As you use the bearing it will dry out, so maintenance on them while they are still mounted is really simple.

This one here is from Bones, and theirs is called a Speed Cream. You can use from any other company's as well. Stay away from WD40 or any of the aerosol style spray ones. They act as a bit of a drying agent. So for this, you can actually do it while it's right on the board. This is a quick fix. This is something you can do on the regular, and it's just a couple of drops right onto the shield of the bearing. By spinning it around a bit, it should drop some of that oil into the bearing.

Then just take a paper towel and do a quick wipe. This is, like I said, just a quick fix. If you want to really get your bearings clean, sometimes the bearings, you'll think that they're broken and they're seized up, when all it is is that they just need to be clean.

To get the shield off the bearing is really simple. With a razor or any small sharp straight edge, go right up to the edge of where the bearing of the shield and the edge, and just go ahead and pop out that shield.

The shield will pop out easily and will actually pop back in even easier.

Once the bearing is exposed, you can go ahead and give it a quick little cleaning with some alcohol. The best way to do it is to apply the alcohol and not pour it right on. So just going to do a quick cleaning, and you should be able to get most of the dirt and grime out of there with that.

To get a full cleaning, you can also get a bearing cleaner container, where you're going to actually attach all of the bearings onto this contraption here and then put the degreaser in the container and let them soak. This I only recommend for, I would say, the more expensive bearings, or the ceramics, or some of the Swiss. When it comes to the less inexpensive ones you can do your own cleaning. It's not worth to spend that kind of money on such a low end product.

You can do really simple with some mineral spirits that you can find at home, or a little bit of rubbing alcohol, to go ahead and clean them out. And then as far as getting them oiled again, you're going to let them dry out. Make sure that they're completely clean and spinning. Once they're clean and spinning, then you're going to lay them down and do them all at once, and you're going to add a little bit of your oil.

If you have at home already any of your car oils, like Castrol or anything like that, that stuff works as well. Anything high end, lubricant will be great for your bearings.

Once they're in there and you have them all packed with the lubricant, go ahead and just spin them in your fingers to make sure there's no excess oil all over. If you have too much, or used too much of the lubricant, what happens is, when you do get out onto the streets, the sand and dust will sort of cling to that and adhere.

So go ahead and pop your shields back in. Very simple. Same way you took them off, just pop them back with your finger. Once they're back in there, they're going to be packed into the wheel. Screw your wheels on. Make sure that they're spinning on the wheel and you're all set to roll.

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