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How to Pick Skateboard Grip Tape

Learn how to pick skateboard grip tape from SHUT Skateboards' Michael A. Cohen in this Howcast video.


Hey, what up guys. We're here to discuss the option and grip tape. Grip tape is used for gripping your shoes or feet to skate board. Along time ago, they didn't use grip tape and they were bare foot on boards. Boards weren't made out of fiberglass, different materials. I'd say in the 70s, they started running the grip more often and it was commonly used on just about every single skateboard from here on out.

It basically looks just like sandpaper that you would use for sanding wood, but now we are using for the opposite, we are using it to grip ourselves to a piece of wood. There is different grains of grips, sometimes its a thicker grain and sometimes a medium grain or even super-low. People will buy grip accordingly to what their preference is. Standard grip is pretty medium grade, there also are glue on grip options, which you'll find commonly done by the manufacturer and not by the customer. Most commonly is the black-colored grip tape. There are other options. You can get colored grips in just about every color you can imagine.

They do different graphics on grips, you can get different stencils cut out of grips, everything you can possibly imagine is out there when it comes to grip, its almost like your own personal art as far the top of the board goes. One thing you must keep in mind, though, is that more grip on the board is better for your skating, so if you plan on cutting it up into different pieces, make sure where your feet are on the board is completely covered with a grip surface. There's also different widths.

The standard size of most skateboards is within 8-inches. Some boards run all the way to a 10-inch wide. So, there's different widths companies make for the grip. You can also buy it in different, by the foot. A sheet of grip is standard to about 32-inches by 9-inches wide for your, most of your street set ups. They've even come out with clear grip tape, so you can actually see the graphic or some of the logos that are printed on the top sheet of the board through the grip. One thing I will have to say is with the clear grip, you must keep it clean or else it doesn't work as clear. It will get dirty and you will not be able to see through it. So, best option, my personal preference is the straight black.

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