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How to Adhere Grip Tape on a Skateboard

Learn how to apply skateboard grip tape from SHUT Skateboards' Michael A. Cohen in this Howcast video, part one of two.


We're here setting up this skateboard. We're going to start with a quick grip job. I'm going to show you guys a different way of setting it up. A lot of people set their board up fully gripped where it's gripped from the tail to the nose. We're going to do something similar, except I'd like to expose some of this top graphic here, from this font here to this font here. To get that crisp, clean line without having to cut the sheet or measure with a ruler or any of that I'm going to show you a quick trick on how to show that usual top graphic. What we're going to do is just use this straight line here and butt that right up against the font there. With the remaining piece, we're going to take this piece here and do the same thing to get that crisp, straight line down here as well.

The first thing you've got to do is peel this back. It's not too bad, just like a sticker. When peeling it make sure the paper is coming clean off of your grip. You want to get it right the first time because we're working with a sticky surface here so if you're doing it over and over, you're going to lose that stickiness. I'm only going to peel back a little bit so I don't have too much that I have to fight with as far as the sticky, tacky paper. Line this up, giving myself about a quarter of an inch on either side here and go ahead and just tap that down on the edge, see how it looks before I push down to make a commitment.

Once you're happy with your straight line go ahead and peel the rest back. With your hand just push down on the grip. Keep in mind that the board is concave, so you're going to curve your hand as well. You're going to cut off the excess with a razor blade, right up to the edge here. Cut away from you at all times.

Now with the remaining piece we're going to use that straight edge again that the factory from the grip company has cut for us. There we go. Hold onto this. I'm going to show you guys a helpful hint with the paper that it comes with. We're going to line up this last piece here. It's a little easier with the smaller piece and also the second time around. Tap it here, looks good, I'm going to push down on the rest. Now I'm going to show you what I meant by this coming in handy.

You want to get rid of all your air bubbles and the best way to do it without hurting your hands on the grip tape is take this backing, put it down, and you'll start hearing the popping noise. Just go ahead with the bottom of your fist and push down, make sure you get all the bubbles, all the air, out of the grip.

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