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5 Grip Tape Design Ideas for Skateboards

Learn how to create skateboard grip tape designs from SHUT Skateboards' Michael A. Cohen in this Howcast video, part one of two.


What up guys. We're back and we are going to work on some grip designs. I showed you in some of the others some spray stenciling. Now we are moving on to grip design.

Real quick, I just want to show you the most amazing one my boss had done recently. Took this graphic, uploaded it, it was already on a computer, took the file, put it into Photoshop, then reversed the file so that it's backwards, and then printed it. From there took that and traced it onto the back side of a sheet of grip, and then the finished product is this right here. This kind of grip job, a bit painstaking as far as the time on it.

Another one that I'm a big fan of is take your sheet of grip. Get yourself a ruler. This company pretty much has a lot of the lines already on here. What you could do is grid this entire sheet. Then go ahead and get yourself a pair of cheap scissors. I don't recommend going out and buying anything over two, three dollars for a pair of cheap scissors. Get them at the dollar stores. Carefully cut your grip into, say, one inch by one inch squares. You can figure it out on the grid how big you want them. The smaller looking the cooler the checkerboard comes out.

You're going to have a stack of grip tape squares. You're going to have your board. And you're going to just place them strategically on the board to make your board look like old school checkers. That's a fun grip one.

Another one that I'm a big fan of real simple. With a marker you can just go ahead and do a bunch of waves. When you cut on these lines you will be able to just take these two pieces of grip and apply them right to the board edge to edge with the wood in between. That way it'll give a look of maybe wooden waves. You can go ahead and draw a sunset. You can draw a dark horse. Whatever it is you're in to. What I recommend is definitely using some stencils. You can use different shapes.

Another fun one I used to do when I was a kid was fragment and just go ahead and cut like crazy all over the grip, just all these different pieces. And then when going to grip the board putting it back together like a puzzle, but leaving a little bit of space to show that wood.

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