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How to Make a Stencil to Custom Paint Your Skateboard

Learn how to custom paint your skateboard from SHUT Skateboards' Michael A. Cohen in this Howcast video, part one of three.


I'm going to show you guys some different ways, some different approaches of stenciling in your skateboard. I'm a big fan of stenciling in my board or a custom grip job or, even to go as far as to different shape of the board.

Just because I, skateboarding is such an art and at the same time, I like to kind of shy away from all the regular shapes and regular designs and kind of have my own, and stenciling is a great way to have your own. So we got a bunch of different examples here. I'll go through show you some of the examples, how to apply them. The most basic ones are literally a piece of cardboard, a simple graphic, we can go as far as, let's say a star.

And then from there you can take that start and the best part about this is the drawing doesn't have to be perfect because when you get the razor out that's when it becomes perfect... And you'll get a nice clean cut, best bet when doing this is to find a sharp blade. The sharp blade will help a lot and when you’re cutting, cut onto a piece of wood.

This here is a rubber mat that's kind of beat up, so I'm not concerned with it, and just go ahead and make a few cuts. This could get as intricate as a graphic, a name, or as simple as stars. Pop out your graphic of this as well, lay this down, spray around it, get a cool graphic as well as this piece here. This is the most basic stencil you can get. It's really simple as far as applying pressure to it while you spray paint or even if you use a paint can's work as well, Sharpies work as well. The only thing is,, with Sharpies with the grip tape, beware that you will beat up the felt tip from the grip tape.

So a dabbing approach works as well. Also another thing if you wear the gloves, putting on the gloves, you can actually use your hands to hold down the stencil while spraying it so you don't get your hands covered with spray paint. I'm going to go ahead and drill this one on the board right now, this one can get real intricate. Friends of mine who have a router made me this one here.

This one's amazing, because you'll be able to use it over and over. It's not that flimsy and it'll hold the paint real well without getting the paint underneath. So, let's go ahead and I'm just going to throw on some gloves here. This just helps so that you don't get the spray paint all over you. OK. Once you've got your gloves on, go ahead and just figure out where you want the placement.

Another way to hold your placement is to put tape around the edges. I'm just going to go ahead and throw a real quickie one up here and I'm actually going to hold my hand. The other thing is too, is when working with spray paint, you really, really want to shake up the can before hitting it. So let me give this a minute and shake this until we're ready to hit this up.

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