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How to Use Spray Paint to Custom Paint Your Skateboard

Learn how to custom paint your skateboard from SHUT Skateboards' Michael A. Cohen in this custom skateboard Howcast video, part two of three.


Once your can is ready to go, you've shaken it enough, give it a minute or two on the shake. Actually I am going to throw down a little bit of tape.

Once I have it held down, I'm just going to go ahead and give this a quick spray. You want to keep it about five to eight inches away, and a quick motion of spray too.

And then once you've done that, let it dry before removing your stencil. You don't want to pull it away right away because you will get a little bit of drip. If you are looking for that drip look, you can hold it up on an angle and at the same time just give it a little bit of a heavier coating. The other thing I highly recommend when spray painting is to do it outdoors.

Although it's a small amount, but if you're going to be spray painting your board, I recommend doing it in a highly vented area or the outdoors.

Once you've gotten your stencil sprayed on here, then we're going to go gently, you're going to let it dry, of course, and then gently go ahead and lift it.

One thing I wanted to add, if you are stenciling on the bottom of the board, where it's non-grip, when you're done I would recommend hitting it with a gloss enamel or something. Basically what that will do, will seal the artwork that you've done and it will just make it look shinier.

If you're not going for the shiny look, matte black or matte is a great look, and even to take leftover primer. Primer's a fun look on the board if you're going to use a primer, and you're going to skate it after, no problem. If you're doing artwork with a primer, I'd highly recommend doing the enamel after the gloss.

And do not be shy with it. The more coats you put on the shinier it will look, and it will look almost like it's factory made. So we're going to go ahead and peel this off. Real simple. Take that. Peel the outside. And keep in mind the more and more you use these stencils, the less and less the imagery is going to come out. This one has been abused by all of us here at Schutt.

This one has been on just about every skateboard that we ride with. And then, real simple, like I said, the more beat up it is, it will get blurred out.

If you use the yellow you can go back with a black marker and you can always go in and recreate, add fade to it. Let me go ahead and show you an example. And with the marker, like I said on the grip, go a little gentle with it. Don't dig into the grip because it is a felt tip and it will mess up your felt tip pen. And this is just adding to it. Defining the letters. You can do it all different styles. You can go an outline. You can go an inline. Wherever you want to hit it. And there you go. You got a Schutt Skateboards little stencil tag there for you.

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