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How to Customize a Skateboard with SHUT Skateboards

Learn about Michael A. Cohen of SHUT Skateboards, one of Howcast's experts in customizing skateboards, in this video.


Hey, what's up guys? Michael Cohen here chatting with you at Shut Skateboards in New York City. Shut is New York's first skateboard brand from 1986, and resurrected in 2006. We're here in our flagship store in Lower East Side of Manhattan, and this location has been open for about, a little over four years now.

We are a full-service skate shop catering to all facets of skateboarding from street skating to cruisers to resurrected civil skaters to long board skaters to everything. We try to cater to all of it. Our clientele ranges form pro skaters that live in the neighborhood, pro skaters, recreational skaters to newbies. Our youngest clientele start off around three, four, and, God, all the way up into the 70s and the 80s as far as the age range goes for out customer. Me personally, I've been in and out of skate shops since I was a little kid, grew up with Soho Skates in the 80s.

Every time I traveled all over the world, every place I went to, I always looked for the skate shop, all different cities. I've tried to get a feel of what skateboarding is doing elsewhere, and it's always been a part of my life. Personally I've been skating since I was about six or seven. Started on a plastic little Nash and then graduated to a Gordon Smith, which I had at about eight or nine years old. I heard of Shut when I was growing up in New Jersey. They also brought us Zoo York, the original founders of the company now were the starters of Zoo York as well. Used to follow the Zoo York crew around when I was a kid and always been a fan of what these guys have been doing and what they've been doing for skateboarding.

We're here today at Shut to go over just about everything you're going to need to know to get going. How to put your board together. I'm going to give you some travel tips, what you're going to need to bring when not skating. And then most importantly what you're going to need to know when you walk into skate shop and how to outfit yourself properly, the customization of your skateboard. It's not as simple as just putting a sheet of grip on tucks and wheels. There's a lot of creativity involved, and we're going to tap into all of that, from creativity grip jobs, maybe a stencil here and there, and we're going to get you outfitted head to toe.

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