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What Is Reflexology?

Learn about reflexology from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


So, what is reflexology. Reflexology is both an ancient art and science as well as a modern day practice. How it works, there are reflexes in your feet and your hands, your ears and your face that correspond to every part of your body. So by applying pressure to these points, we are sending the message through the body for the corresponding organ, or gland or part of the body to relax. You can think of it almost like a map, there’s a map of the body in your feet or in your hands or your ears. So, we are stimulating pressure specifically on points and specifically on all points. Reflexology is really great for stress reduction, it’s really great for getting everything kind of circulating again. We’re assisting in helping in the nutrients and oxygen go to all the cells in the body. Also, you know, the body is very intelligent and it knows how to heal itself, but it needs to be in a place of balance to do so. Reflexology helps in that process, kind of brings it back to that place of homeostasis so that it can heal.

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