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How to Position Yourself to Do Reflexology on a Foot

Learn how to position yourself to perform foot reflexology from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


Certainly, you may be giving this session from home to a friend or family member. So you might be in a situation where you're trying to find a good scenario that's comfortable for them and for yourself. Certainly a bed can be great. If you are using a bed, I recommend being on the diagonal. And that their feet are right at the end. You can support their knees with a pillow. And then put another pillow under their feet. And you can put a towel then over the pillow. And then you position yourself at a chair right at the feet.

It could be really great, if you happen to have a chair that's on wheels, like an office chair, then you can easily go from foot to foot. And then intermittently you could have back support. Which is really great. If you happen to be on a stool, or something that doesn't have back support, you could get a little pillow, and just sit on it. Just so you could be like really on your sit bones, and you don't collapse. So really, the better position you're in, the more you're going to be able to give.

In addition, if you don't have a bed situation, you have the bed on the floor, I strongly encourage you not to kind of bend and contort your body to accommodate that position. Instead, if you have to work from the floor, it's absolutely fine. What you might want to do is get a solid chair, sit on it there. And then take their feet and just place them on your lap. You could be on a pillow as well, just to bring them up a little bit. And then you'll work from there. Just be sure you're not on wheels, and you don't throw their kind of alignment off.

And lastly, another possibility would be a couch. They could go lengthwise on the couch. And they could also just support their knees by the arm of the couch. And then put a pillow on your lap. And their feet on the pillow with you. The most advantageous one would be a bed. Or if you happen to have a chair, like a recliner chair, where they can like ease back, and you could have their feet like I have her feet here, that's the best.

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