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How to Warm Up Feet with Traction & Rotation Techniques

Learn how to warm up feet for a foot reflexology session using traction and rotation from reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


So we're going to be doing how to warm up the feet with relaxation techniques for reflexology. We're gonna begin with a little bit of traction. You can just hold here, just under the ankle, nestling the heels. You can just lean back, and this will allow for a little stretch along the bottom of her legs. Then you can release.

Another thing you can do is rotate the toes. You just want to be sure to hold onto the base of the toe and then you're going to rotate. I'm actually holding on to the foot as well. So you rotate in one direction, and then the other. You're doing it really slowly, it's really relaxing the slower you go. You do all the toes and both feet.

You can also do kind of a lift and stretch of the toes. You're gonna want to hold on to the base of the toes. And then you're gonna lift up and you're going to stretch one of them towards your friend or family member, and then the other one towards you. So you're gonna hold on to the base, you're gonna lift up and then stretch. You can stretch in the other direction, too. Then take the next toes, lift up and stretch.

Another thing you can do is what we call the spinal twist. Certainly a lot of these names, you're not actually on the spine, you're on the spinal reflex. So you're just gonna come across, your hands are gonna be side by side like this, and they're just gonna hold the foot. Your thumbs are on the bottom of the foot, the plantar aspect. So you hold it like this and you're just gonna twist. Your top hand is twisting towards your friend, or the person you're working on, and the bottom one is coming towards you. Kind a like we did with the toes. You only go all the way up to here, which is the top of that metatarsal, so you're twisting here. You can do the other foot too, of course. Always do both, we call it bilateral.

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