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How to Warm Up Feet with a Lung Press & Metatarsal Mover

Learn how to warm up feet for a reflexology session by doing a metatarsal mover and more from reflexologist Chantal C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


Another thing you can do is called the Lung Press. So you're going to make like a fist, and you're going to be using this part of your hand. You're just going to put it right against the ball of their foot. You're going to secure by putting this thumb actually within your hand and the rest of your hand on the top of their foot, and you're going to push forward and then you come back.

It'll be really tempting for the person you're working on to help you, so as much as possible you want to let them know to relax, that it's okay, they don't have to do anything. And you can move that. So that's great.

You could also do, and of course, both feet, you could also do a metatarsal mover where you're just going to be with your thumbs at the metatarsals. And you're supporting always on the other side. And you're just going to go back and forth and you could relax. And it's tempting, right, for all of us to always try to help? So even people that we work on, it'll be tempting. They'll want to help you. So it's a great opportunity to kind of impart that they can relax and don't have to do anything. So you're just moving the metatarsals. It's a really light gesture. You're not doing anything big.

There's two more. There's something I call a shuffle. People also call it loosening the ankle. You're just taking the base of both your hands and you're putting it right under here, and you're just going to shuffle your hands. All of these relaxation techniques you could actually do before as a warmup to this session, but you could also do it as your finishing the session. Okay? And this can also happen a little bit higher up. Again, you don't want to go above that, you know, the top of the metatarsals, but you're going to go right below and then all the way down to the ankle. And you're doing both feet.

Now the last thing you do is actually taking kind of the mid-side of the hands and you're just holding both sides of the foot and you're just going to go side to side. It's an inversion, eversion technique, also, really, really gentle. All of these techniques, you're wanting to kind of relax the client and prepare them for the session, so no big gestures. And we'll go back to traction. And now you're ready to begin the session.

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