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How to Do Thumb Walking

Learn how to do the thumb walking foot reflexology technique from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


So with the feet, we'll do the plantar aspect here. This plantar surface. We'll just focus on the belly of the foot. So you're going to go in with the thumb and just back out a little bit. And then in and now keep your pressure. My pressure's generally forward and I'm just looking up and going back down again. Up and back down again. And try to relax, all right? It's easy to tense up yourself and that's not going to serve you or your friend. So be sure you're breathing when you're doing it. Okay. So I'll show you on the side here, too, of the foot, with thumb walking. You go down and up. Down and up. So you can do it here. This is the outer lateral aspect of the feet. With her this is also the ovary reflex. A good use, this technique. It is the most popular, like I said. So you could use it on the entire plantar aspect of the foot and the sides.

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