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How to Strengthen Your Thumbs for Reflexology Thumb Walking

Learn how to strengthen your thumbs to do the thumb walking foot reflexology technique from reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


We're going to be begin actually on ourselves just to kind of learn what we're doing before we go to the feet. So you can practice on your forearm, here. You're going to take your thumb, just from the joint to the tip of the thumb. You're going to bend and then release. You're going to press down into your forearm and just come up a little bit and then back down again. You do want to cover surface, so your uh inclination might be to race ahead and uh uh get excited about doing thumb walking uh try to go down and then just come up a little bit and take littler bites and so your pressure is pretty consistent, you don't want to miss out on a certain point, right? So you go down, just up a little bit and back down again. This is the most popular of the reflexology techniques. You'll be using this often, uh do both thumbs uh in the beginning it might uh feel a little bit strenuous or uh, you just have to get use to it, just do it a lot. Uh and one way I like to practice, and it's actually really relieving, it's almost a self reflexology technique is you take like a ball pen and you see you have the the the silver part here. You're going to actually practice there. So you're going to go down and you're going to come back up again, just a little bit and back down again. And you're actually going to do it in a certain rhythm. You go forward and down, down, down, down. I encourage you to count and see how many bites you get on this metal surface of the pilot pen, uh try to get sixty. That's um, those, that should be about what your bites should be. If you're only getting like ten, go back and do it again. The reason why I say it's kind of a self reflexology technique is your brain reflexes are in the tips of your fingers, the tip of your thumb in your feet and also your uh hands. So you're actually stimulating your brain reflexes, which is really nice.

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