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How to Do Finger Walking

Learn how to do the finger walking foot reflexology technique from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


The only difference between thumb walking and finger walking is there happens to be another bone and another joint. In a thumb there are are two bones and two joints and in a finger there three bones and three joints. So you're only working with this top part which can be tricky at first because you're gonna want to bend at this second. But let's try to do it. I'll show you on my wrist here. This is a radial carpal joint so you're gonna come here and you'll just come around. And again you're gonna try to keep that middle joint, you can bend it a little bit and again like thumb walking you're just going in, you're keeping your pressure down, and then you're going with a little bite forward. Go all around this is actually really good if you're a woman and you're watching this you're gonna pass through all your reproductive areas so I do this often when I'm experiencing PMS or menstrual cramps; it's really relaxing. And I just switch to my thumb. So if you do do that, you'll know you go all the way around and then switch to your thumb on the underside. So let's practice on the feet: You're actually gonna wanna do, coming all the way down, this is a very common place for finger walking right through here. So come down I'm supporting the back with my thumb just come up a little bit and then back down again. Just relax yourself as well, if your shoulders start to come up and you tense just be aware of that and just breathe and relax. And you start right at the base of the toes, at the web of the toes, and you're going down and you'll get used to it; it's a little tricky at first, just moving just that joint, but you'll be fine. And then with the side of the foot sometimes I do thumb walking there but that can be really deep so sometimes depending on how you're positioned and how deep you want to go with your friend you'll just go in a little bit and then back out again. So it's finger walking on, in this case it would be the ovary reflex. You could also use finger walking on this kind of area here, this top part; for men it's the lymphatic groin reflexes; for women it's the fallopian tubes so you can come up through here and then all the way around and definitely do both feet so you come here and there. And again you could use finger walking on any part of the feet or the hands.

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