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How to Do the Hook & Backup Foot Reflexology Technique

Learn how to do the hook and backup foot reflexology technique from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


Two of the best points for this technique are the gallbladder reflex, and the spleen reflex. You can use it anywhere. I certainly use it a lot in my hands. But with the feet, I'll show you the spleen reflex, and the gallbladder reflex. So the spleen reflex is in your friend or family member's left side. This is going to be on your right side. Their left foot. Need you to hook them back up. You're going to isolate the point. In this case it's between the fourth and fifth meditorsals [SP] right under there. You isolate that point. You support it on the back with your fingers. You lean in a little bit. And then you pull out.

So you could also support with your other hand. That'll give you just a little bit more support. You'll be able to have a little bit more pressure. So with your, in this case your right thumb, on their left foot you go in with pressure. And then you pull out. In, pull out. It's also, you could also kind of pull out almost up. So you could go in. You isolate and support with your fingers in the back. And then you pull up a little bit. Just depends on them. It could vary a little bit from person to person. Most sometimes go in and do a couple of times. Right?

And now you could do the other side with your left thumb. And this is their right leg, right foot. You're going to go in. That's your press. Support either with these fingers or with this hand. You go in. And then you're just going to back up. So again you go in, and then you just pull away. Often times you go in you could pull kind of out. I like to go in, especially with her reflexes. They're almost you want to go up a little bit. You'll be able to get in there a little bit more. So in, you hook in, and then you back up. So you're actually hooking in, and then you're kind of backing up away.

So again, you could do it on the spleen reflex, the gallbladder reflex, or if you want you could really do it anywhere. It just so happens that those two reflexes are kind of hard to get into. So that's a good technique for them.

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