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How to Do the Rotation on the Point Foot Technique

Learn how to do the rotation on the point foot reflexology technique from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


So, rotation on the point. Similar to thumb walking, that first moment is just going to be pressing in to one point. The only difference in rotation on the point is you're rotating the foot around the point that you go into. So you're thumb walking and every time you go in you're going to rotate and meet that point. So you're going to go in, we're going to do the diaphragm reflex, it's, it's common when you do this technique to do that area but you could do it anywhere; you press in and then you just rotate the foot around that point, press in take small bites and then rotate around, in, rotate, in rotate, in rotate. I'm going into and lifting and then rotating I'm going under the metatarsal heads here and so just give a little stretch and then around. Also you could do it more like a waving gesture instead of the rotation so when you go into the point you actually just wave back toward yourself so the foot is coming towards you in this way. And if I do that I might lean in to give it a little bit more pressure. I would lean in and wave towards me. In to the next point, and wave towards me. And I'm moving along this diaphragm reflex here so I'm actually taking the bites and moving along towards the medial aspect of the foot, towards this inner side and with every little bite that I take I'm waving or I'm doing that rotation on that point.

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