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How to Do the Milking the Toes Reflexology Technique

Learn how to do the milking the toes foot reflexology technique from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


So, we're going to do milking of the toes, uh, which means we're going to be doing between each of the toes. Uh, we're going to be using both the thumb and this, uh, finger, the pointer finger or the second digit here. So we're going to come in here, and we're just going to pull out. And then we're going to do all toes like that. In and then out. This is really great, you're kind of moving through the lymphatic system, some of the, its reflexes. And again you'll want to do both feet so again, you come in. You can see I'm starting a little bit uh lower than, uh, the webs of the, you know, between the toes. You start a little lower and you just pull out. Uh, this, actually can be ticklish for some people, uh I am very ticklish in this area so uh, in order for, for me to um, have it done to me, it needs to be a little more pressure so check in with your person and make sure they're not, uh giggling or jumping off the table, uh, so you go between each one. Uh, you could also do it on yourself, on your hands, uh for me because I work with my hands so much, I do it often, um the only difference is I might come a little further down on the other hand that I'm actually using and I'll go between and pull out. And it's really, it can be a little sore in there so it's nice to kinda meet that pain, not go beyond it, uh and web out. So once again you'll come between here and back out. And that's milking of the toes.

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