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How to Lift & Stretch Toes

Learn how to lift and stretch the toes from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this foot reflexology techniques video from Howcast.


So, lift and stretch for the toes. It's a relaxation technique. What you're going to do is, you're going to make sure you give a good support. You're going to start at the base of the toes. You're going to lift out, and then you're going to stretch. So we'll start here, and here. So I have both the, this great toe and I have the second digit. I have them up here. I am going to lift up and then stretch. So I am going to be stretching the toe, for instance, towards my friend or family member, towards them, and the second digit towards myself. And then I'll move on to the second toe, and third toe, and do it as well. And you could actually go in both directions. So let's try it again. You're going to pull up through here. You're at the base. Be sure you're at the base. And then, one goes towards your friend, and then you can switch to the other side. And then you go to the next, the second and third. You go up, and stretch, towards them and then towards yourself. Just be really mindful, if your person is very flexible, this might not be the most advantageous technique for them. It's a matter of, like, oftentimes, if somebody is very very strong, you might want to work on flexibility, and something like this could be nice. But if someone is very very flexible, you're wanting more to work on grounding and strength, in general. So just be mindful of, of who you are working on. And that's lift and stretch.

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