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How to Do Toe Rotations

Learn how to do toe rotations from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this foot reflexology techniques video from Howcast.


This is 'rotation of the toes'. One of the most important things you want to have in place is your support, supporting the toes, and being at the base of the toes. You're going to secure the base of the toes. I do it with with both my thumb, and these two digits as well: 2 and 3: my pointer and my middle finger. You come in through here, and you come and support it there--and actually maybe even my fourth digit is in there as well. So you are supporting the whole base of the tow. I actually take my other and support the ball of the foot: here. From there I rotate. In one direction, and then in the other. You can be really firm; It's a very gentle, light rotation, but you are very grounded and firm in your delivery of it. You go in one direction, and you go in the other. You'll do all of the toes.

With the other side of the foot, you want to be sure to hold on here, not squeezing, but just securing the ball of the foot. You hold on to the base with your thumb and two or three of your fingers, and then from there, from the base,we kind of lift up, and then do your rotation in one direction, all the way around, and then the other direction, all the way around. You are going to do all of your toes.

This is the area that is the reflexes to the neck. It's definitely that first toe: the neck reflexes fall all in here, but it's all the toes, so you want to be sure you rotate all of the toes. Now, you do your last two--and there is no rush--be sure you rotate in all directions, and do it for both feet.

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