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3 Toe Relaxation Techniques

Learn three toe relaxation techniques from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this foot reflexology video from Howcast.


So foot reflexology techniques for the toes. There's a couple things you can do. You can do a kind of milking of the toes. You can rotate the toes. Kind of do a lift and stretch. These are more relaxing. The rotations, you just want to be sure to secure your base and rotate around in both directions all toes, both feet. For the lift and stretch, also securing the base of both toes, lifting up slightly one towards your friend or family member and the other one towards you, both directions, always securing the base of the toes. That's the most important. You don't want to be out here. You want to be right at the base, so you're almost at the foot. And that's for the lift and stretch. For the milking of the toes, you just comes right in between. It can be a really gentle gesture or it can be a little bit more firm. Just take in your partner and see what's good for them. You don't want to go too deep with the milking of the toes.

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