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2 Reflexology Relaxation Techniques for the Ball of the Foot

Learn two relaxation techniques for the ball of the foot from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this foot reflexology video from Howcast.


There are two things we can do with the balls of the feet. You could do what we call a lung press which is a relaxation technique. You can also do metatarsal movers which is another relaxation technique.

With a lung press you're going to want to make a fist. You're going to actually be using these sides of your fingers. This is what's going to be making contact with the ball of their feet. You'll take the thumb of your left hand and you're just going to put it through there, through that fist. Then your other fingers are going to be what secure the dorsum or the top of that foot.

We're going to go ahead and place our fist on the ball of the foot, and we're going to secure it with the fingers. From there we have a very sollid base. In a wave like motion you're just going to push forward, and press, and you're going to pull back. As you pull back this hand will go a little bit more up in order to accommodate that kind of ripple effect. So, again, we press forward, we come up, we kind of lift, and then we do a wave of their foot towards us. You do this a couple of times. You could also reverse it and go in a reverse wave. Do both of the feet for the lung press.

You could also do the metatarsal movers which is also a relaxation technique. You're securing the metatarsal heads with your thumbs, you are just right beside one another, and then you have your fingers on the dorsal aspect of the foot - which is the top of the foot. From there you're just kind of going back and forth. So, you're going towards them, and then towards yourself. The towards yourself is just a release. So, that's a metatarsal mover, and you do it bilaterally. You do it in both feet.

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