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2 Reflexology Techniques for the Toes

Learn two toe reflexology techniques from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this foot reflexology video from Howcast.


With the big toe, I like to use my thumb-walking technique. Coming in here, just coming out a little bit and back down. And I'll actually come up the toe going from the base all the way up. And I'm passing through and up to the very tip. To be aware that the very tips of the toes, the very tip of this toe, the great toe are all the brain reflexes. If you again come up through the base, its the neck reflexes. And if you feel any changes of tissue texture, if you feel a little, you know, that certain points feel differently, you could be there a little bit longer, spend a little more time there. You could also go across. So again, you go in, you go across the toes and this is all at the base of the neck.

A lot of people wear very tight shoes these days and maybe not the best shoes, so this can be really nice if wearing shoes that are constantly compressed and pushing down here and squeezing us in this way, its really nice to give attention to the toes. You can also, the very center of that big toe is the pituitary gland reflex. You want to come here, you're going to press down, secure it and you're going to press in. So, I'm really securing the whole toe at the base as well. And then, you can kind of come up a little bit, and when you release, just be sure that its really gentle and then you come away.

For the penial gland reflex, its also right in there. If you want to do finger-walking. You could finger-walk also down the toes, here. So, you can secure the toe, you should secure it right at the base, always; and then come down with finger-walking. So, we're finger-walking down. You can tell just from where you are, you'll be thumb-walking down, or up, from where your sitting, right? So, the plantar aspect, or what's towards you, the bottom of the foot, we'll be thumb-walking. And the top of the foot, or the dorsum , will be finger-walking.

If you have some jaw or teeth stuff going on, it could be really nice to actually use that thumb reflex and kind of course across here. You can kind of do that with your thumbs as well right in here and all the way around at the base of the nail. You could also always use thumb-walking on the very tips of the toes for the brain reflexes. So, you can just come here. And again, little bites and here, here. So, again, you're always doing all the toes in both feet and that's techniques for the toes.

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