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How to Work the Foot Arch

Learn how to work the arch of the foot from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this foot reflexology techniques video from Howcast.


So techniques for the arch of the foot, we're going to be doing mainly thumb walking. We'll do thumb walking from what is considered the heel line here right up to the diaphragm line, which is right below the heads of the metatarsals, so I'll be doing thumb walking up the foot and I'll be doing thumb walking across the foot as well, from the outside or the lateral aspect, to the inside, towards the medial aspect of the foot.

So let's begin, we'll be working on five zones, you'll start right here at the base and you'll just be working all the way up. So you go in, resist the temptation to do thumb walking where you pull away at all, your going to want to go in and keep your pressure constant, and then just lift up a little bit and do the next bite.

So, you're going up, and this is the first zone. A precursor to reflexology was zone therapy, which was discovered by a man named William Fitzgerald, and we're walking those zones now. This is the second zone now, going up to the second, right below the metatarsal head, we're doing all of them now, we're in the third, and again don't rush, you don't need to hurry at all, take your time, take smaller bites.

And then you'll do the last one which is the fifth zone, towards the fifth base of the metatarsal head. And you can do the same going across, so you just go in with this diaphragm line reflex, going in, keeping your pressure constant, and going to the side of the foot or the medial aspect, and you're doing the whole belly of the foot, and just be aware that you're passing through so many vital organ reflexes in the belly of the feet, you know right up through this first one you have the adrenal gland reflex. Just putting pressure and focusing on that is great, really relaxing, and you can hold it.

You also have your pancreas reflex, your kidney reflex in both feet, you have on this other foot your liver reflexes and your gall bladder reflexes, the gall bladder and the spleen reflexes you can kind of hook them back up, where you hook in with that thumb pressure and just back it up a little bit, just to get further into that point. But yes, get yourself a map and look at what you're passing through, and what you're thumb walking.

So that's the foot reflexology techniques for the arch of the foot.

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