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How to Work the Heel of the Foot with Reflexology

Learn how to work the heel of the foot from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this foot reflexology techniques video from Howcast.


We're gonna be primarily using thumb walking, so let's begin there. So I always secure the ankle and the heel with my... In this case I'm doing it with my right hand and it's their left foot. I'm gonna be doing thumb walking all the way from the very bottom all the way to the top. This is where the heel line is. So we're gonna go down lean in, back up again just a little bit and then back down again. So we're going all across the heel. It's a very hard toughness there. You know the heel is just... The skin is tougher. So it's a little bit harder to penetrate, so in order to get in a little deeper you can lean in with your body. So again you press down. You're leaning in with your body and then you're continuing with the thumb walking technique all the way across. If you wanna go a little deeper you can do just a little bit of a slide with the knuckle and that could be a downward gesture. I don't use the knuckle very often. Primarily reflexology is really dealing with that thumb walking and the finger walking techniques, but every once and awhile in this area it's fine. So you're going to knuckle down and then you just push down. And again you want to get the whole heel, the sides. Make sure you're really thorough and again just to be aware of the reflexes that you're... They're passing through. Now this is your whole pelvic region. A lot of stress is held there. Especially for women. So you want to really give a lot of attention there. Even just that traction of holding the feet at the very beginning of a session or the end of a session is really nice and then once you do that giving a deeper attention there. Also just to be aware if you have sciatica, the sciatic nerve reflex also passes through the heel. It actually starts on either side of the foot, courses down and then just passes along through here. So if you have sciatica you'll wanna give this a little bit more attention.

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