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How to Work the Heel & Arch with Reflexology

Learn to work the sole of the foot, specifically the heel and arch, from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this reflexology Howcast video.


We’ll be doing reflexology for the heels, for the arch of the foot, for the flat of the foot, or this kind of side, and then the ball of the feet. So generally, you’ll be using thumb walking. You could also do a hook and back-up when we get to the outer edges, and a little bit of pinching on the sides of the feet to get more to the flat of the foot. So let’s start with the heel. So with the heel, you’ll want to be sure you’re holding on to the whole of the heel, maybe a little bit of the ankle as well for security. And you’re just going to thumb walk across. So you start at the base and you thumb walk across. If you want to give a little more pressure, you can lean in. If you want to get a little more deeper into the heel reflexes, you can certainly use a knuckle down like this, and be aware of the reflexes that are in this area. This is a whole pelvic region. It’s the sciatic nerve reflex courses through there so you give attention or more attention if your friend is going through something that they might want attention there. The belly of the foot or the arch you could use thumb walking. So with thumb walking, you’re just going to go in and pull out just a little bit, continued pressure, and out a little bit. So you’re just going up, and the bites can be as far as tempo, you go in and out, in, out. You don’t want to go much faster than that. And you’ll go up all five of the zones. Right? So if we could think of the zones as where the metatarsal is. Right? So you’re going up. You can also with the arch of the foot or the belly of the foot, you can go crosswise from the lateral to the medial aspect. The lateral is the side, the outer side, and the medial aspect is that inner side. So you’re going to go in and do the reflexology crosswise.

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