How to Work the Ball & the Flat of the Foot with Reflexology

Learn to work the sole, specifically the ball and the flat of the foot, from reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this foot reflexology Howcast video.


With um, the ball of the foot you can also do the thumb walking. And I always go up towards the base of the toe and once I get to the base I switch to my other thumb and then I come down. And I am coming down between the metatarsal heads. And ending right below the top of the metatarsal heads. And then again up. And again just like the arch of the foot, or the belly of the foot; you could also go cross ways. And that's another way to detail the area. And again take your time and go all the way from this diaphragm line reflex all the way to the base of the toes. The other thing you can do is for the flat of the foot, which is kinda this outer edge. And some people call this the flat of the foot. In order to get that you could certainly thumb walk down. You wanna secure the top or the dorsal aspect of the feet. And you are gonna walk down. You could also walk up. Its a little bit trickier. You'll wanna just be sure you are supporting from behind. And if you wanna access all of here, you could just do a kind of pinching. This is falling from, you know you have your shoulder reflex, your arm reflex and your hip and your knee. So you wanna give attention there. You could pinch all the way down. And of course you could always thumb walk or finger walk around these areas to detail them. Its really great if you wanna give very specific attention to an area, to detail it with different techniques.

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