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How to Work the Top of the Foot with Reflexology

Learn how to work the top of the foot from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this foot reflexology techniques video from Howcast.


So this is techniques for the top of the feet. Primarily we're going to be doing finger walking, either with just this second digit, this pointer finger, or we'll be using all of our fingertips. So let's start with the finger walking. So you're going to start here and you're actually going to press in. And, again, you're just using this first joint; that's really... you know, you're determining the pressure from that point. And you go all the way down. I'm securing the foot and the back of that area with my thumb. So as my finger moves down, my thumb is moving down with it. So there's never this. If I were to let it go, then I wouldn't have control of the foot and it wouldn't be secure. So, again, you're going to do, also, this down. I'm going between the metatarsals, all the way down. And I'm just using that, that first, this one pointer finger. And you do between all the metatarsals. If you really want to detail it, you can go kind of in this direction, towards the actual metatarsal, and then you could do it in the other direction as well. This is all, like, lymphatic, lung, breast, you know, reflexes. You can also do all the fingers, all the fingertips, kind of going across. Put them a little bit more together. And, again, I'm always securing the foot with my other hand. This is just going across. You could also go across using one finger. You could also use your thumb, depending on kind of what angle you're coming from. But I use my finger generally. And this is coursing right across, also, lymphatic, groin area -- for men, vas deferens; for women, it's the fallopian tube reflex. So you come in here. You can actually, like, point with the finger-walking, and then pull up, and, and really get into every point, slowing down a little bit, if you want to be really detailed. Or you can just go across in a more general way. And, again, pressure depends on, on who you're working on. So that's techniques for the top of the foot.

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