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How to Work the Ankles Using Reflexology

Learn how to work the ankles from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this foot reflexology techniques video from Howcast.


So this is techniques for the ankles. Primarily I use my finger walking and I’ll use any where from just one to I’ll use a couple. So one of the first things we’ll do is we’ll work around the malleolus, both on the medial and lateral aspect. So, the inside and the outside of the ankles. Let’s use, like I said, you can either do the one finger or you could use a couple. Let’s use a couple. So we’re going to come in here and… if I were to race through this motion it would look like this, kind of working around there, but you’re going to be doing a little bit of this, finger walking. So, it’s the same gesture, you’re slowing it down and you’re actually doing the finger walking technique. So it’s just detailing it a little bit more. All the way around and of course you’re going to want to do both feet. So, again, you’ll be coming around and again, I’m using all the finger tips. I’m just doing that finger walking technique, so I’m going in and taking little bites. Another thing you can do around this area is, you can do a little bit of thumb walking. So, on this outer side, I’ll show you like this. We’re going to start up through here, which is at the ankle and you’ll actually be coming down and this can be pretty deep because you’re using your thumb walking technique, so just be aware of your person and interact with them, make sure you’re not going too deep. You don’t want to move beyond their pain threshold. So, you’re just doing a little bit of thumb walking. This is a pretty great area, you’re passing through your sciatic and your hip reflexes. So being able to come all the way down through there using the thumb or finger walking. Just to be aware, if you were to actually continue on with that gesture, you’re going to come down and actually continue on with the heel. Doing that thumb walking. Then you pick up again using your finger walking up the other side. So, I’ll show you with the other foot where you would continue on. So, you just come down, right, with your thumb walking and that’s on the outer, the lateral aspect of the ankle. You come and are doing this sciatic nerve reflex on the heel and then you just pick up again either using your thumb walking or your finger walking up through here. So, now you’re walking the whole sciatic nerve reflex, in total. So, that is, I know it’s a little bit, we’re doing the ankle technique, but then we’re also passing through another area. It’s good to know just the whole of that reflex area.

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