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How to Work the Inside of the Foot with Reflexology

Learn how to work the inside of the foot from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this foot reflexology techniques video from Howcast.


So this is techniques for the side of the feet. We're going to start on the inner side, the medial aspect of the foot. Really important, the spinal reflexes are on this inner side, so your whole nervous system is housed throughout your spine and your spinal reflex and then up through the brain, and the neck, and up through there. So we're going to do a thumb walking.

So, we're actually going to start at the base, here, which is where your, the reflexes to your reproductive area is. So for her, it would be the uterus reflex. So we thumb walk through here. Do the whole area. Think of it like a little, kind of, triangle in here. So you want to be sure you get every single area, taking small bites, not missing any area. When you come up the side, or this medial aspect of the foot, you're gonna want to do the thumb walking to the base of the great toe, to come up through here. You might want to switch your position a little bit, as I got to the mid part of the foot, it's just a little bit easier if I support it a little bit differently, back through here. Coming up through there. Again, it's continued pressure, just lifting off a little bit, and continuing on. And come all the way up through there, and actually let's go a little further, all the way to the top of the great toe. So all the way up through here. And I like to end right at the very, very top, which is, you know, all the reflexes to the brain. And come through there.

You can also, if you want to detail it, come back down again, come through here. Support the toe, so it doesn't come out, and you, you know, want to be sure you're always supporting from every angle. So you have here, pass through here and then you're going all the way down.

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