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How to Work the Outside of the Foot with Reflexology

Learn how to work the outside of the foot from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this foot reflexology techniques video from Howcast.


On the outer area of the foot, I'll demonstrate with this foot. You can either do the thumb walking or you could also do like a pinching gesture. So with the outside of the foot, we have the ovary reflexes here. And then we could travel all the way up just exactly like we did on the medial aspect. We come through here. We're passing through the hip, the knee, the arm, and as I go a little further up, a little bit of the shoulder reflex. The shoulder reflex is actually more, a little bit more on the plantar aspect, but you're also passing through it here. And again you could pinch on your way down, like a pinching gesture. So those are just a few of the techniques for the sides of the feet.

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