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How to Relieve Hip & Knee Pain with Self-Reflexology

Learn how to relieve hip and knee pain using self foot reflexology techniques from certified reflexologist Chanel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


Another thing you might want to to for headaches or migraines in self care is to take the tip of a pencil eraser and give attention to the reflex points that are in the tips of the fingers. With a pencil here, I have a little bit of an eraser and I'm gonna first do the midpoint of my thumb. That's my pituitary gland reflex, and actually if I'm feeling very anxious or disorganized, if you do this for all of your fingers it's extremely ground even though it's dealing with the brain reflexes just to kind of clarify to clear the mind.

So you do that for all your fingers and in addition you could use the techniques of thumb walking and finger walking for your own fingers and thumb. So, just like we did with the toes, you would come down here and do walking on either side. You might want to do a thumb walking across the base here. You can do a little claw on this pointer finger or second digit and then this inner aspect of the thumb. You could just do a kind of rolling around at the tips of each finger.

You could actually go all the way down to the base. I do this often on trains and in transport so that could be really relieving as well if you're experiencing a headache or migraine at the time and there's no one to tend to your feet.

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