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How to Relieve Sinus Congestion with Reflexology

Learn how to relieve sinus congestion using foot reflexology techniques from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


We're going to want to focus on the reflexes to the neck, the head, the sinuses, the pituitary gland reflex, the adrenal gland reflex, and the ileocecal valve reflex.

We're going to break those down. We'll be using all thumb walking and a little finger walking techniques.

Using thumb walking, we're going to start with the big toe, the great toe. We can do thumb walking across the base; this will be the neck reflex. And, actually, it's for all the toes. We're doing one toe at a time. But once you're done doing that whole toe, you'll do the second digit and the third and, of course, both feet.

Now I'm coming down here using finger walking and I'm coming down the great toe; so I'm coming down here. And, of course, always supporting using my thumb and I always support the ball of the foot here as well. And it will shift as you move along the foot, depending on where you are.

I'm doing the whole toe, all the way around the head. In a reflexology map, you're going to see that the great toe is like the head, the brain, the neck reflexes so you want to get it all the way around.

Brain, brain stem, pituitary gland reflex, pituitary and pineal gland reflex; so do all that in full and you'll take it to the toes as well.

With the toes, the sinus reflexes are all here. So in order to access those, we're going to thumb walk down.

So thumb walking down, we're going to pass through them and, if I continue on, I'm accessing the reflexes to the neck. And again, I'm going to do it all the way around. So we do the sides as well with the thumb and the finger and then we do the front primarily using the finger walking technique, and that's the front.

And then we end at the very top, which is the brain reflex. So we would come through here, doing the top of the toe.

After you've done all the toes and given attention to the sinus areas, you're also going to come down here and give attention to the adrenal gland reflex.

So adrenal gland reflex is right through here. You can see that if you were to come down between your first and second digits, right through here, kind of midway through, you kind of feel it; it's like a little button in there.

And another area that you want to give attention to, in addition to the sinuses and head and adrenals, is the ileocecal valve. It's the valve between the small intestine, the large intestine. It controls levels of mucus in the body so it can have an effect on the sinuses, pressure and mucus up in this area as well.

So the ileocecal valve, right here, is your heel. Right, a little bit up, as you course down on this fifth zone, this fifth metatarsal, a little bit in of that is your ileocecal valve. I usually will just walk the entire large intestine reflex and it will come up through here; you'll go across, continue on, this is the transverse colon; come down descending colon, sigmoid colon, and then out.

And that's just for good measure. You could certainly just hold here. And then you could end; I like to always end protocols with the solar plexus reflex.

Coming across through here, your thumb will be right there, and just lean a little forward.

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