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How to Relieve Constipation with Reflexology

Learn how to relieve constipation using reflexes to the liver from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


We also want to do the reflexes to the liver, which is on her right foot. So, on my left. And it's all this big area of the foot, right in there. And in the center of that, a little bit off to the side is the reflex to the gallbladder. So, we can do a little bit of the thumb walking for the liver reflex and then we're going to do a hook and back up for the gallbladder. So, for the liver, we come in here, right below that diaphragm line. We're just going to go across the liver reflex. This is the belly of the foot. And then we're going to go a little bit lower. Little bit lower. And every time we go a little bit lower, we're stopping a little bit further in because the reflex is shaped, is it kind of tapers in as it goes down. But the hook in back up, we're going to hook in as we're thumb walking. We're going to press and then we're going to pull out a little bit. So, gallbladder reflex. You go in. You're going to give a little bit of pressure and then you back up. And that can be really intense for a lot of people, so check in with your person. Make sure they're not experiencing too much pain. You don't want to move beyond their pain threshold. So, you go there. And then just 2 more points. We're going to do the adrenal gland reflexes. So, it's both feet. Now, you'll come up through here. You could also do the thumb walking. So, you come through here. And you just find it right there. It's going to be also a really sensitive spot for a lot of people. Um, it's kind of like the stress button. The fight or flight button. So, you can. You'll be using it in many different protocols. And then if you want, you could also give some reflexology to their lower back reflexes. So, I can show you on this foot. It'd be right, like, in here. A lot of times when someone's experiencing constipation, they'll have a lot of lower back pain. So, you want to give that area of the foot some attention. And then we'll go to the solar plexus reflex. So, you come in with your thumbs right to that midpoint and you just lean in. And that's it. Those are all the reflexes to, uh, ease constipation.

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