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How to Relieve Shoulder Pain with Reflexology

Learn how to relieve shoulder pain using foot reflexology techniques from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


So, how to relieve shoulder pain using some foot reflexology techniques. Of course, you are going to want to do this shoulder reflex. So, its on both feet and it just in this area, here. Just again, both feet. Actually, I think its really nice to give attention both to plantar, which is the bottom of the foot in this area to go across the sides, doing a pinching and then even coming across through here and doing a little bit of finger-walking. So, lets do this foot with a little bit of the thumb-walking. So, the thumb-walking your just moving this joint, just a little bit and pull up a little bit, keeping your pressure consistent and going back and..., so you press down. I'll do a little bit of a waving gesture with the foot, really supporting it back here with this hand. I'll wave it towards me and go into the shoulder reflex points.

And, you might feel some kind of like change in tissue texture. Right here there is a little bit of, you can feel there's a little bit of the change in there. You can just give it a little more attention. Most people will have that. You can walk down, especially if you feel that come from different angles. From the lateral to the medial, going across, across, like I said, you can thumb-walk down. You could also pinch the sides. On this foot, you'd be pinching the sides here. I'm almost pinching from like this area, here and my thumb, so I'm grabbing it here. My thumb is here and I'm just kind of pulling away. Its a little bit of a pinching. And then, I'll go down a little bit more. I'm going to continue on that, even though the shoulder reflex kind of ends there, you're going to want to go into the arm as well. Its a little bit further down.

And again, whenever you feel that change in the tissue texture, it might even sound like its popping a little bit or its a little crunchy matter, its just a change in tissues texture, OK? And then you can give some attention to the spinal reflex, all through here. Just start at the top or the bottom and just thumb-walk your way down. Again, always supporting the foot. All the way down. And you'll want to do it bilaterally, so you'll do both feet. So, and then, you'll just want to end with the solar plexis reflex. So, taking your thumbs, mid point, right at the diaphragm line, which is right here. You're just going to lean in and those are the reflexes you would go to for shoulder pain.

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