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How to Relieve Stress with Reflexology

Learn how to relieve stress using foot reflexology techniques from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


I love this question, because certainly reflexology is kind of synonymous to stress relief. So certainly if you could give a whole session using all your reflexology techniques and being with the whole foot, that's great. Anywhere from five minutes to an hour, but I'm going to give you a couple of points to focus in on if you're really stressed out, and you just want to target those points. So there will be three. There will be the adrenal gland reflex, the solar plexus reflex, and the diaphragm line reflex. So let's begin with the adrenal gland.

The adrenal gland is right through here. If you were to actually, like, press the foot up like that, this kind of tendon pops out. It's going to be right through there and towards this metatarsal. You could usually feel it, and certainly your friend or family member who you're working on will let you know when you get there. It's a very specific point. So you'll want to do that bilaterally, so you'll want to do it on both feet. The solar plexus reflex is right up through here. If you were to walk that diaphragm line, you're actually going to hit it midway through. So let's begin with the diaphragm line reflex.

So yo begin out here. This is the ball of the foot. It's just right under it, right under those metatarsal heads. So you come through here and just walk across. Every time I find a point, I like to wave the foot towards the point. It just allows me to go a little bit deeper into the diaphragm reflex. And if you think about stress and what happens to the body in stress, it oftentimes is that shortness of breath. It's a hold in the solar plexus. It's feeling like it's too much. So the diaphragm, the adrenal gland reflexes, and the solar plexus are those areas that we want to calm down. So after you go across this diaphragm reflex, doing the thumb walking, you'll end with the solar plexus reflex. So you take both thumbs. Come up through here. You find the point, and then you just lean forward into the point. And that will be it. That will be the short protocol for relieving stress with reflexology techniques.

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