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Is Reflexology Safe for Pregnant Women?

Learn if reflexology is safe for pregnant women from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


Certainly the two most popular questions I get are, "Can reflexology induce labor?" and "Is it safe for pregnant women to receive reflexology?"

Certainly at Angel Feet we see women all the way through prenatal through past their due date. And it's certainly safe. If you have any concern, you know, reflexology is a complementary discipline. Talk to your doctor. See if he or she thinks that it's a good idea for you to get it. It certainly can be really great at different stages of your pregnancy. If you're experiencing a swelling in your feet or edema or constipation, there are some of these things that are very prevalent while you're pregnant. You want to address those things in the session.

Generally for a session at Angel Feet what we do is if a person doesn't come in regularly or receive reflexology regularly, we might ask them to talk to their doctor certainly. But also maybe for the first trimester they allow themselves to get used to that new body they're having, and then they can come in after. And we'll see them all the way through the full term.

Some of the points you'll want to be aware of are the points of the reproductive system. So we have the uterus reflex here on both sides of the medial aspect of the feet or the calcaneous there, that heel bone on the inside. And we also have the ovary reflex out here. There are many different theories about if you want to give attention there. I say a nice traction is okay there, and maybe a light finger-walking technique is nice to go over there. But generally if a woman's pregnant, she's experiencing just a whole new way of feeling her body. And so being with her and her feet and giving attention to the feet and the myriad reflex points can be really great.

You could do a lot of relaxation techniques as well, in addition to reflexology. You could do the lung press coming through here and going forward and back again. You could certainly do nice toe rotations in both directions. You could certainly do a kind of inversion and eversion on both feet. And then you can certainly do reflexology using your thumb walking or your finger walking up through here. This can be really nice if they are experiencing a kind of swelling, or fluids that are coming towards the bottom, you know, end points of their body. And certainly you always want to end with your solar plexus reflex here. You could lean forward into that.

And those are some of the techniques you can use if somebody's pregnant.

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